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So many clients that I coach find themselves struggling with being mindful & if I could inspire you to make it part of your way of life, I would stress most importantly that it is not meant to be a struggle or hard. Quite the contrary, and if your'e struggling with the process, you've been misguided or not taught effectively to make it part of your way of life.

I'm here to inspire you to enter into a place of firstly "letting go of the judgement".

According to Jon Kabat Zinn, Professor of Medicine at the Centre for Mindfulness. Mindfulness means “paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”

For me I find when I let go of the judgment, and view my life with curiosity. For example, "I'm curious as to why I just said that", "It's interesting why I chose to eat that" "I wonder why I just thought that".View your life with curious eyes to discover yourself on a deeper level.

As opposed to "I wish I didn't just say that", "I am so silly for eating that donut", "I am constantly thinking bad things about that". These are all negative and judgmental words & views upon yourself. Just step back and be interested in your thoughts, words and actions. This is when gratitude & kindness will flourish. Unlocking positive thought process & enabling your mind and body to feel positive vibrations, discover enlightenment & operate at a much higher frequency.

The lifestyle of mindfulness has been proven scientifically to show measurable & truly significant health benefits including decreasing stress levels, decrease anxiety, enabling power in the mind & sharper greater focus, increased ability to centre oneself , calmness, greater satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness. So why would you not want this to a part of your way of life.

The barrier is, we often can caught in the busy way of life & the very times we need to be present & slow down & recognise what our bodies are communicating to us, well this is the time that we just keep going and ignoring our mind, instincts and intuition feels like the only answer. We keep the noise of life loud, as we are often afraid to slow it all down and be present for fear of what is lying there deep underneath it .

For me, going back to 2011. I was a busy shift worker, worked long hours in the emergency unit, would also run another business on the side, I was always hustling, trying to be an amazing mum, keeping my marriage alive and vibrant, holding the house together & in my perfect OCD order, striving to be an incredible business woman, needing lots of energy & empathy in being a caring and nurturing nurse in a incredibly busy emergency unit. In addition to this lifestyle, I am a complete Type A personality, over organised, sensitive, socialite, and I mean like new level of FOMO, I just love people, energy & being around creative minds, friendly souls. At the time I worked out hardcore, twice a day (even on the days I worked 12 hour shifts, with a 2 hour drive to work). My nutrition consisted of coffee and chocolate. Yes on paper you can clearly see a recipe for adrenal fatigue and only a matter of time before I would crash & burn. I was on my way to ill health & fast. At this point in my life I discovered mindfulness & holistic nutrition. The newfound concept of Mindfulness was rare in my circle of friends & not in vogue & in-fact at the time it took a lot of researching to read about it, these days we have an abundance of studies, literature reviews and papers written on the benefits. It is an ancient old way of life, however quite new to me at this point in my life.

I had to learn to be mindful, and slow it all down, to be present. Not only for my health & wellbeing, but for my family & friends. We all have that friend that is present but not present, whether its on the phone the whole time your'e having a coffee date, or behind the camera instead of enjoying the moment on that holiday. We all have fallen into the trap of being present, but not really present.

Creating a lifestyle of being mindful is a choice & a process of being willing to learn. Be open & willing to observe your life. It's not easy for some, but once you dive deep into it, you will have complete raw transparency. Do you really want to stay busy & in the noise of life & run the risk of aimlessly wondering down a path your are not meant to be on, spending wasted energy & months or years working in a job that has not truly brought you fulfilment, or been in a relationship that is not destined for your greatness, ignoring all the warning signs for years, waking up one day only discover you were not being true to yourself or your deepest desires. Imparting a mindful lifestyle, you will be in tune to your body + soul + mind & have clarity in the direction your life takes. This is so powerful. You are the master of your destiny. You have designed the life you want to live.

Re-Designing our life, So why can't we just make it a part of our life? Well as we know, knowledge & science will present itself with a pretty convincing case and has proven all the incredible health benefits, so why is this not enough to make us change, Being Mindful & learning to impart the changes into your life proves to be difficult for so many of my clients.

This is why I desire to inspire, encourage & coach you into more effective mindful lifestyle. In my programs, I guide and teach my clients to be their own master of habit change, By reframing the thought process, gearing up the central nervous system for success & exposing what tricks your mind plays on you. And these all start from childhood. I teach mindful breathing and also the amazing art of mindful nutrition, so powerful for your gut health, and mental health connection. Mindfulness will guide you into a deeper connection with your greater self, stop the detouring in life & live purposeful thoughts, words & actions. Listening to your intuition will unlock amazing things for your life. The art of being present will be so beneficial in your personal life, but also you will see your friendships & loved ones be so blessed by this. When we meditate we gain a greater insight & learn to be in touch with our real direction.

Hope this piece has inspired you to dive deeper into meditation & being mindful to create a Mindful Lifestyle. And if you would love to dive deeper, I would love to coach you.

Kellee Thomson

RN, Health & Wellness Coach

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