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Dry Brushing Rituals & Lymphatic Flow

I have personally been dry brushing on and off for several years now, however recently as I focus on really detoxifying my body I’ve upped the Anti on my dry brushing routine. I love that is a beautiful ritual that I’ve incorporated that I feel amazing benefits from in my health & wellbeing.

If you are new to dry brushing I encourage you to try it. Its feels weird at first, but I really found quite quickly I started to really see the benefits.

Its a very small investment of time & they are very affordable, so a little self care treat is well deserved I say.

As most my clients know my passion is skin health & looking after your largest organ is incredibly powerful for overall health & wellbeing. Dry brushing assists in circulation and really promotes detoxification. Especially necessary when you are taking part in our nutritional cleanse or detoxify program. Your skin will absorb 80 % of what is topically applied, but it also excretes toxins & is a form of elimination. So dry brushing will essentially help remove toxins and unwanted chemical overload in the body from environmental pollution, oxidative stress, unwanted pesticides on our food and all things that the body wants to reject and not have absorbed.

I sourced and found an amazing company that uses non toxic dry body brushes, yes you would be surprised there are ones on the market that are not made from non toxic products, which completely defeats the purpose of what we are trying to achieve here.

Let’s talk a little about lymphatic drainage & your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of organs & tissues that help excrete the human body of toxins, unwanted materials & waste. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to carry and transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.

There are other natural ways to encourage Lymphatic drainage such as

-Drink plenty of purified and filtered water

-Regular Cardio & weights exercise

-Eat healthy whole foods

-Eliminate GMO foods, sugary carbs & saturated fats

-Treat yourself to a massage

-Try vibration, sound baths and rebounding therapies.

If you are trying to rid your body of toxins don’t risk using a body brush that is covered in chemicals. You deserve the best quality! And this is why at the Wellbeing Vibe we stock the Bodecare brand. It is non toxic and has been developed to give you peace of mind that you are not transferring toxins to yourself or others in your family.

I cleanse my brush with a tea tree soap cleanser, patting it dry with an organic bamboo towel and I always ensure that the brush is left in the natural sunlight to dry out properly. I then spray my brush with tea tree spray to kill any bacteria, this also prolongs the life of your dry body brush. Because the timber on the bode care brush is natural and has not been treated with chemicals, plastics or lacquer the timber may crack if it gets really wet, which is why we suggest to wash just the bristles. If any cracks occur this will not affect the quality of the brush. More amazing things about the bode care brush is that is Non-Toxic Dry Body Brush, has not been sprayed with chemicals. This hand held dry body brush with short handle is traditionally crafted in Europe and made of the finest Tampico plant bristles. This is from our premium range of eco dry body brushes.

Tampico bristles are a fine plant bristle that won't scratch the skin, the bristles have been cut at a comfortable length which is suitable as a medium strength brush for slightly more sensitive touch (this is the one we stock at the wellbeing vibe store) . The timber is FSC certified. FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. No animal products have been used to make this brush, it is Vegan Friendly.

As a health & wellness coach I remind my clients that the key to dry brushing is to do it mindfully, it is a beautiful ritual of self care. Performing it is a gentle reminder to love your body & self. I often say to myself, “I’m cleansing my body, I’m assisting good circulation, I am horning my body, I’m removing unwanted toxins to create space for good energy & vitality”. This is mindful practice, attaching the words and intention to the action is quite powerful, this also keeps your practice in check, that you are going slow & really looking after your body.

Watch our Video for a demonstration on how to dry brush here.

How to Dry Brush Technique & Flow;

Ultimately you need to think about lymph fluid & flow.

-Guide the brush towards your heart for blood flow.

-Begin with your feet, brush in an upwards direction, up your legs to your thigh/ groin region. Your inguinal lymph nodes are located in this crease above your thigh. (Often when you are unwell, you may sense aching and sensitivity in this region).

-Continue then to brush your abdomen in a collective pattern towards your belly button, then up your mid-line abdomen past your sternum towards your heart.

-Brush from your hands up your arm towards your armpit. Your axillary lymph nodes are found in your armpit. The axillary lymph take the fluid from most of your arm, your torso & breasts.

-Brush your breasts gently towards your armpit. (If you've had breast cancer and lymph nodes removed in your armpit, please consult with your specialist prior to dry brushing this region)

-Then brush your back, fluid from the back of your torso from your waist up wraps around towards your armpit and axillary nodes.

-I then move to my neck, guiding the brush from my jawline down towards my heart and end at the collarbone. I use a different more gentle brush for my face.

For more info on facial dry brushing rituals click here.

Looking forward to hearing about your new ritual, or if you have been dry brushing, please share with the Wellbeing Vibe Tribe your results,

Kellee Thomson

The Wellbeing Vibe

Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

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