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Detoxify Your Skin This Autumn

Detoxifying your skin through liver support, not only cleanses your internal organs of toxins, but also enables your skin health to have the boost it desires after a summer of rich foods & of course the summer party season.

The health of your liver is vital to the vibrancy and clarity of your largest organ skin. We all desire bright beautiful complexion, so here in this article I will unlock for you what is going on inside your body & how it is affecting your skin. The role & function of the liver is to remove toxins such as pesticides, caffeine, stress hormones, alcohol, medication & pollutants.

The liver goes into two phases, phase 1 by day & phase 2 by night. It prioritises the order of how it will detoxify, it repackages our daily intake of what we decide to put in our mouth & how much stress we decide to put our bodies through. The liver process to remove these toxins through the digestive system. Both the liver and the bowel excrete waste hormones. As it processes hormones, and if we are not regulating our hormones adequately we will see these warning signs in our skin. Hormonal acne, breakouts from food & congested skin are all signs of the liver having too much pressure placed upon it. If your liver is too overloaded in the day whilst it is working through phase 1, if it has too much pressure on it, it will not be given the opportunity to step into phase 2. Whilst you are sleeping at night, your body needs to be restoring and excreting & if the liver is pumped to hard in the day with alcohol, fatty foods or stress, guess what, it can't step into phase 2. 

Common Liver overloads are; caffeine, smoking, refined sugar, flour, damaged fats, processed foods, Stress, hormones, drugs, pesticides & the biggest one alcohol (it always takes priority over all other over-loaders). 

When we are constipated the toxins are recirculated through our liver again & it attempts to reprocess it all over again. This is also reflected in our skin. I love guiding my clients through increasing fibre in their diets to support the liver & increase the health of your gut. The digestive process and Liver detoxification are both strongly connected.

I like to teach my clients to reframe rituals over replacing habits with new little lifestyle choices that will create other ways to support your liver: Such as, fresh water (purified), organic whole foods, good quality proteins, sleep, a range of nutrients that I discuss in my consultations in greater depth, self Care time, movement, good gut bacteria, breathing techniques, Milk Thistle, St Johns Wort, Dandelion, meditation, stress relief. 

You will love my easy to make sauerkraut home made recipe. Increasing gut health foods will enable and boost your liver support. There are so many wonderfully nutritious and beautiful flavoursome foods that can boost your liver support, the biggest one you need to increase is fibre, fibre, fibre. 

We have our winter cleanse coming up, I'm not a fan of strict cleanse, however the Wellbeing Vibe Cleanse's have an abundance of nutrient rich foods. You will not go hungry, but will find you will feel incredibly healthy & nourished. 

Hope to see you apart of our winter cleanse.

Kellee Thomson

RN, Health & Wellness Coach

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