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Detoxify with Coconut Oil Pulling

Most my followers know this deep love I have for coconuts, I am literally nuts over coconuts.

One of my favourite little rituals is oil pulling.

It is a really powerful healing ritual to incorporate into your morning routine, especially if you are in early phases of healing, overcoming auto immune compromise or clearing candida.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual that I discovered in 2009 when I was recovering after some heavy nasty antibiotics. I was living in Broome & had some serious toxic overload in my body. In my desperation to find a natural cure to candida & a chronic sinus infection & asthma flare up (my body was in inflammation crisis) I discovered this amazing ancient tradition.

Throughout history this Auryvedic practice has proven to heal & address many illness & support digestive health. Our mouths can be a host of hundreds of unwanted germs & bacteria. This practice is incredibly detoxifying, killing bad bacteria, yeast overgrowth, parasites, fungal infections in the mouth, gut & vagina. It has also been used to help ease symptoms of streptococcus by killing off the unwanted bacteria. So this powerful natural anti bacterial will help detoxify your body.

When we focus on killing off unwanted bacteria & overgrowth in the oral region we prevent secondary infections and overgrowth in the digestive tract and gut & yes the vagina. It will eventually travel down if we don’t address what is happening in your mouth.

Overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth can lead to a whole host of Dis-Ease (unbalance causing disease) in your body. So we are all about bringing balance and harmony in your body. If your immune system becomes overloaded & has the pressure of excessive stress, poor nutrition, pesticides, toxins in our food, alcohol or bacteria overgrowth secondary infections & chronic inflammation is a major risk.

Oil pulling traditionally can be performed 2 different ways. Kavala is when you fill your mouth and hold the organic coconut oil in for 2 minutes, then swish and swirl the oil around your mouth then spit it down the sink. (Or in the shower, like I do).

Gandusa is different, this technique you hold the liquid in your mouth for 4-5minutes without swishing around & then you spit it out. Repeat this process T

To Oil Pull: this process you have 1 Tablespoon of organic coconut oil & hold it in your mouth for 10-20minutes. I know! Interesting when the kids want to chat in the mornings, charades is super handy when doing this. Lol.

Never swallow the oil, the oil has drawn away bacteria and binded to toxins & you do not want this sitting in your gut. Brush your teeth well to ensure you don’t have residual oil. I actually have a different wooden eco tooth brush that I use for after oil pulling & it needs to be cleansed adequately to remove the residual bacteria. I also only use a floured free toothpaste & we have a great recipe if you would like to DIY your own. Follow this practice with a tongue scraper to really ensure the removal of the bacteria & toxins.

This ritual is great for really detoxifying your mouth, I only recommend a high quality cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil. You will see more benefits from kavala, gandusa & oil pulling practice like white teeth, healthy gums, fresh breath, draining blocked sinus (from a yeast overgrowth) regular menstrual cycle, lymphatic drainage, improved sleep, radiant skin, supporting your mood, increased energy & vitality. I just imagine the oil like a cleanser, its working at cleansing this oral space for me.

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