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Holistic Health Wellness
High Vibrational Lifestyle Coach

The Wellbeing Vibe is a holistic approach to Wellness. Through Mind, Body, Spirit.

Our vibe is to align you with a tribe of likeminded women in a space of community and connection. 

 Integrative & Registered Nurse Kellee educates & guides clients into designing a high vibe lifestyle that will positively impact your health & bring wholeness to your core inner being.

To vibe energetically higher, I guide you through breaking through limiting beliefs in the mind, biohacking the brain and its neural pathways & aligning a heart coherence to lift the bioenergetic field of your body.

Beyond the physical body, I work with multiple dimensions to invite healing, wholeness and an energetic lifestyle. 

Kellee Thomson has been in wellness industry for over 22 years, she is an Integrative Registered Nurse, & Certified Health & Life Transformational EnergyCoach, NLP, Meditation Instructor. The programs are all designed to embody Mind +Body + Soul+ Spirit + Tribe

Cleansing the Body 

At the Wellbeing Vibe we provide education & meal plans to honour your body through good wholefoods nutrition. We inspire you to bring balance & believe that prevention is better than waiting for cure. "Let Food be Thy Medicine" Hippocrates knew well that our earth had beautiful gifts to heal our bodies. Our private Face Book Tribe also has great resources of recipes, lifestyle rituals & community support & encouragement in your wellness journey.


Meet Kellee Thomson, Health & Wellness Coach. Kel is a Registered Nurse & Certified Wellness Lifestyle Coach, she has a wealth of knowledge & has been in the Medical world for over 20 years. Western medicine does not give us the answers & has failed us in preventing disease, so we believe in a more holistic approach at The Wellbeing Vibe. Kellee knows they key importance of prevention vs treatment, let's naturally support your wellbeing through Body + Mind + Soul & Spirit !

The Wellbeing Vibe


About The Wellbeing Vibe

Located in Australia, Kellee Thomson owner & founder of The Wellbeing Vibe is a Registered Nurse &

Certified Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach who specializes in Energy & Vitality through offering personalised nutritional programs, Lifestyle Coaching programs, 1:1 Style Coaching, Group Coaching

The Wellbeing Vibe Pillars of Health mantra is to align Mind + Body + Soul + Spirit, through whole foods nutrition, mindset coaching, Meditations & guided programs to empower your Health & Wellbeing.


Our programs are life changing; we offer
1:1 Personal style Coaching
Group Programs
Online Courses
Private Community Hub we would love you to be a part of The Wellbeing Vibe Tribe

The Wellbeing Vibe


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